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Our tutors are prepared to shape our Common Core program to fit every individual student’s learning and personality type. Our programs are malleable, and our experience has equipped us to lead every student towards achieving his/her personal best on test day.

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We approach test prep from a child-centric perspective, and are sure to cater to the needs of the human we’re working with, not only the student. We don’t try to make a child’s life fit into a test prep program; we make sure that test prep fits comfortably into a child’s life.

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Executive Functioning

Our esteemed executive functioning program is interwoven into our test prep, ensuring that students will gain lifelong skills on their way to achieving their optimal ACT score. We’ll help you change schools, and we might just change your life along the way.


My tutor was always a very nice person, and I always looked forward to our lessons. He always asked how I was, and our lessons were always fun. He was one of the only people who I could talk to. At the time when we were having our lessons, I was going through a pretty rough time at school, and felt like I could always confide in him. Our lessons sometimes turned into talking about things that mattered to me or getting right down to business and learning. I think that my Hartman Tutor really helped my test scores, so if you are looking for a great tutor, Hartman Tutors are the ones for you.

Jackson C.

7h grade, Common Core Prep

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Common Core

The New York State ELA and Math Common Core assessments are standardized tests administered each spring to public school students in grades 3 through 8. Scores from the 4th grade and 7th grade tests play a role in determining admissions to public middle and high schools. 

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