We teach students not only to answer questions, but to question answers.



Our Approach to Academic Enrichment

We combine traditional methods of education with innovative teaching techniques, crafted specifically for one-on-one enrichment and mentoring experiences. While helping students to improve their grades and preparing children for entrance exams are vital components of our work, our approach to tutoring is uniquely holistic.
Our goal is to appeal to the innate interest in achievement that exists within every child, and enhance a student’s strengths while addressing any and all needs related to academia, organization or confidence. We provide an experienced academic mentor who acts as a personal coach for homework help and general enrichment in subjects such as writing, math, science, and social studies.


"Our eight-year-old son has been working with an HT tutor for the last 7 months and has improved his understanding of math and writing significantly. She has a way with children, a kind and confidence-building demeanor. I've recommended HT to several other parents who are equally as happy with the support they have received."

Matteo D.

Math & Writing  |  3rd Grade  |  P.S. 234


A blank word document can be viewed as a student’s most formidable opponent. We have developed various curricula that guide students of all ages towards accomplishing their writing goals. Whether the student is a lower schooler learning how to write a paragraph for the first time, or is a high school student working to refine his/her approach to crafting thesis papers, we can help. Our writing programs are formulated to allow a young writer’s voice to develop, while fine-tuning the planning, writing and revising processes.



While math can be viewed as a subject that comes more naturally to some children than it does for others, we do not believe in the notion of a child being objectively ‘bad at math’. Our tutors pinpoint the precise cognitive point necessary to strengthen a student’s understanding of a specific mathematical concept, as well as a Our approach to helping students with math, whether it be to get caught up or to get ahead in school, combines both rote and conceptual pedagogies.


We recognize that science often feels like a foreign language to many students. Enriching a student's subject-specific vocabulary is vital, and we make sure to help students master the terminology needed to comprehend each area of science on a basic level. A similar approach is taken in regards to formulas and facts, as memorizing key terms is often the first step to feeling ownership over a science curriculum. We also go beyond rote memorization, as our tutors break down the fundamental concepts needed to fully grasp each stage of scientific inquiry before moving onto the next, as most science comprehension is cumulative. Lastly, we do everything in power to make the concepts relatable. Science is all around us at all times, and by allowing students to feel connected to the material, they are far more inclined to remember what they study, and apply it skillfully over time.   


Success in history and social studies classes requires a combination of skills, largely in the areas of reading comprehension, note-taking, and cognitive flexibility. Our staff members are experts at making history come to life, as the essence of productive social studies instruction is about palatable storytelling and organization of concepts. We make sure to carefully explain cause and effect, tying in the micro and macro concepts of every historical topic, and allowing students to fill in the gaps on their own as much as they can. Exploring possibilities and pondering varying perspectives helps to view social studies items in a complete light, and the study skills we employ in combination with these executive functioning skills allow students to flourish in and out of the classroom.   




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