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Boutique Education Company

MyGuru is a provider of 1-1 tutoring and test prep, with a clear focus on skill development. We stress the importance of mindset, strategy, confidence, effective study habits, and time management and organization skills when it comes to excelling on the GRE, GMAT, or LSAT (in addition to most other graduate level standardized exams).

Book Nook

Early Literacy Program

Book Nook is a unique early childhood literacy center where children develop a lifelong love of reading, books and the wonder of words. Founded by a teacher and mom with 20-years of experience in early childhood, literacy and elementary education, our curriculum is designed to meet the needs and learning styles of each child. Children feel right at home when they walk into Book Nook and are eager to explore our well stocked shelves of wall-to-wall books.


Virtual Test Prep

The ArborBridge team is composed of impassioned educators, tech enthusiasts, and life-long learners. We are deeply committed to the families we serve and the continued improvement of our programs. Our data-driven curriculum tailors lessons to the unique needs of each SAT or ACT student.

Brooklyn Learning Center

Educational Support & Evaluations


The Brooklyn Learning Center is a community of people who love to learn.

They focus on process, not product, which enhances motivation and self confidence. They tailor programs to help students best meet their goals. Whether they need help with academic tutoringschool admissions and test preparation, or are working with a learning disability, students are taught to feel good about their learning and to succeed in life.

H&C Consultants

College Consultants

H&C Education is dedicated to providing each of our clients with a unique roadmap for success in high school and beyond. These individualized programs are designed to help students harness their entrepreneurial spirit, develop coherent academic and extracurricular profiles in line with their passions, and stand out in application pools at elite colleges and universities.


Mental Health Professionals

Sense:motion is a platform dedicated to positively impacting people’s emotional wellbeing through holistic design and creative forms of healing. www.


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