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Thus, critical thinking helps improve one’s ability to apply logic in a fair and reasonable fashion.

Critical Thinking

We define critical thinking (CT) as the attempt to ensure that what one believes has a high probability of being accurate or true. The goal is for logical thinking to become a habit, influencing reasonable ideas, clear communication, and just behavior.

embodies critical thinking

  • Conveys an attitude of being committed to using inference, evaluation, and inquiry;

  • Employs fairness, self-regulation and clarity;

  • Intends to help one’s natural sense of intellectual curiosity evolve into a discipline of reflection.

practices methods of CT

  • Collects relevant information, interprets it, arrives at logical conclusions, and uses standards to assess these conclusions;

  • Raises simple and specific questions;

  • Thinks open-mindedly, considering contrasting perspectives.

applies critical thinking

  • Communicates effectively while arriving at solutions;

  • Allows reason to influence one’s acts in a fair and balanced way;

  • Persistently works towards self-improvement in relation to thought.

A well-cultivated critical thinker:

Our curriculum includes various lessons, exercises, assignments and projects that employ:

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Our Intake Process

Families begin the process by meeting with an HT Director for a consultation, either at our Manhattan office or online. This is an opportunity to answer questions and outline details of the adventure to come. The consultation is immediately followed by an assessment with the student, allowing us to make an ideal pairing amongst our esteemed staff of tutors and coaches for ongoing sessions.

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