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We were so happy that our daughter was able to make such a strong connection with ​her HT coach! Ariana always walked out of her sessions with a smile on her face - she always thought her coach was amazing and really learned so much. I'm sure we will be back soon for help with our younger son's interviews. Their style is refreshing and incredibly helpful. Hartman Tutoring really seems to just get how to make a kid's best abilities light up! Thanks again!

Ariana S.

6th grade, Interview Prep

Interview Prep

Turn an admissions office into a red carpet

We don't want our students to imagine their admissions interview as a grand inquiry into their psyches, or an assessment of their ability to remain still as an adult pokes and prods their nervous minds with carefully constructed questions. Students should view interviews the same way that their favorite celebrity does - as a chance to shine.

Our interview prep process revolves around a student's comfort level, and involves a combination of question-answering techniques, both written and oral. We guide students through the most common question types, and practice the art of bringing the most lovely and composed version of who they truly are to an interview setting.

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Our Intake Process

Families begin the process by meeting with an HT Director for a consultation, either at our Manhattan office or online. This is an opportunity to answer questions and outline details of the adventure to come. The consultation is immediately followed by an assessment with the student, allowing us to make an ideal pairing amongst our esteemed staff of tutors and coaches for ongoing sessions.

Total cost: $75

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