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Tony A.

9th grade, General Enrichment

I needed help with every subject. I wasn’t ready for high school, even though I thought I was. My tutor was super helpful, no matter what we were working on. Sometimes it would be math and other times we would work on writing a history paper. I was always nervous that she wouldn’t know how to help me with what I needed, but we always set up a plan together, and I was able to get through everything with her. Also, she was really funny and nice.

Lisa G.

4 years old, G&T Prep

Our HT tutor could not have been possibly better. We were a little uncertain what it would be like to have our Lisa tutored at such a young age, but the tutor Alice set us up with was caring and knowledgable. He knew how to make sure the sessions were fun and productive, and gave us all of the info we needed to get through the application process. Every kid and family could use this kind of help, not only for preparing for these crazy tests.

Zak G.

7th grade, Executive Functioning

I thought we were just going to get someone to come and show Zak (our son) how to organize his backpack and desk in his room. The Hartman Tutor that came to our home did so much more. After a few weeks, Zak suddenly had routines to follow, checklists to use, clear plans to follow to be more organized and I always say we wish we had a Hartman Tutor back when we were kids. Helping a kid create a positive habit isn't easy. We are so grateful!

Success Stories

Until Hartman Tutoring entered the picture, my daughter was math-phobic. With their low-key approach to tutoring, my daughter aced the ERB that led to her transition from public to private school in fifth grade, graduated with minimal stress from her very challenging high school, and did well enough on the ACT to gain early acceptance from Johns Hopkins. She always says, "Hartman Tutoring got me into college." She adored her tutor, and not all kids feel that way about test prep!

Ava G.

12th grade, BX Science, ACT

A Hartman Tutor worked with both my son and daughter, and helped each one get into Stuyvesant. Not an easy task! My kids couldn't be happier to be where they are now, and there is no way they could have done as well on that test if it weren't for the tutor Jesse and Alice paired them with. Professional, fun and effective. 5 stars!

Jackson D.

8th grade, SHSAT

Matteo D.

3rd grade, Math & Writing Enrichment

Our eight-year-old son has been working with an HT tutor for the last 7 months and has improved his understanding of math and writing significantly. She has a way with children, a kind and confidence-building demeanor. I've recommended HT to several other parents who are equally as happy with the support they have received.

Darby R.

6th grade, Math Enrichment

It was never clear to my husband and I why Darby was having such a hard time learning his multiplication facts. The tutor that HT matched our son with worked like a magician, helping him not only learn the times tables but also understand the foundation of multiplication. It wasn't just about memorizing, but it was about really getting the foundations of math.

Denise W.

12th grade, SAT/ACT

Wonderful and supportive! We couldn't have maneuvered the whole college testing (SAT and ACT) experience without the support and wonderful teaching skills of HT! My daughter had been tutored by a Hartman tutor since the first grade, and we wouldn't be where we are today without their guidance and encouragement!

The tutor provided by HT - well, she has been an amazing help for my 7th grade daughter, and her older brother wants to work with her to help get him ready for the ACTs. Thank you Jesse and Alice!

Gina H.

7th grade, Math Enrichment

Justin R.

11th grade, SAT

Without Jesse's general guidance, along with the tutor from his company that he provided us with, I have no idea how my son would have been able to balance his schoolwork, college application tests and his varsity athletics. As a two-season athlete, Justin struggled with managing his time during his freshman year of high school, but once our HT tutor stepped in he began to understand how to maximize his efforts and maintain stability with his SAT prep. He didn't only help him understand how to excel at the test, but he taught him how to be a more efficient and independent kid.

Kait O.

6th grade, Hunter Test

My husband and I tried helping Kait get ready for the Hunter High School test, and we were shocked at how hard it was. We needed a pro to help out, even though Kait is a bright girl. But with help from her tutor she was able to tackle the test like a pro, herself. Her tutor always knew when to challenge her and when to make her feel comfortably confident. Even after Kait took the test (and got into Hunter!), we continued to have her work with her HT tutor, just with general school help. Really incredibly helpful!

Jackson C.

7th grade, Common Core Prep

My tutor was always a very nice person, and I always looked forward to our lessons. He always asked how I was, and our lessons were always fun. He was one of the only people who I could talk to. At the time when we were having our lessons, I was going through a pretty rough time at school, and felt like I could always confide in him. Our lessons sometimes turned into talking about things that mattered to me or getting right down to business and learning. I think that my Hartman Tutor really helped my test scores, so if you are looking for a great tutor, Hartman Tutors are the ones for you.

Harry F.

8th grade, General Enrichment

Our Harry has worked with a Hartman tutor for the last four years, with great success. We chose HT because their tutors establish a joyful and productive learning relationship with their students. Sessions are focused and kind. Harry's tutor is patient and observant, realizing readiness and helping Harry overcome fears and previous defeating experiences. For Harry, his tutor has been a super mentor and friend. After working with his tutor, our son is able to approach exams with a sense that he is well prepared. He also feels confident to take forthcoming placement tests. My son has struggled with school in the past, but now excels and is proud of his skills, particularly because of his work with his tutor.

Rebecca P.

8th grade, ISEE

We first were introduced to Hartman Tutoring when our daughter was getting ready to apply to private school. Her tutor did a great job building her confidence and preparing her for admissions test, with great results. Today, a few years later, with both of my children at their preferred Manhattan private school, we use a Hartman tutor regularly to reinforce what is taught in the classroom. The tutor we have worked with is professional, friendly, punctual and very effective. We are so grateful to have found Hartman Tutoring - your firm has really helped our children succeed and embrace learning with confidence. Thank you!

Rita P.

5th grade, SSAT

As a parent of a 4th grade student I was concerned about making the right choice for my daughter's middle school, and was scared of how she would do on the test to get in. Alice's assistance in making the right choice for Rita was paramount, as her knowledge about the city's school system and her understanding of Rita's particular needs were vital to our decision making process. Choosing between the wide variety of schools in the city, public and private, would have been a different experience without Alice's consultations and test preparation work. When I say that Alice helped Rita get where she is today, I mean that in every way possible.

Jesse helped pair my son with a tutor who helped him get through 6th and 7th grade, and then helped him with his ISEEs. John is a hard working kid, and his tutor really brought out a whole new side of him that helped balance his schoolwork with his studying for the test. And then it was all said and done, John was accepted to every school on our list. Thank you Hartman Tutoring! We're so lucky to have found you.

John C.

8th grade, ISEE

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