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All clients begin their HT experience by having a consultation with a director, and ongoing consultations are offered throughout the entirety of our time working with students. Our initial consultations are not only an opportunity for the families to find out information and have questions answered, but are also help us make an optimal pairing for a student amongst our staff, as we handle the matchmaking process with great conscientiousness and precision. 

Being strategic during the application process and being knowledgeable during this time of transition is vital, and we work side by side with our clients to ensure that these decisions are made with prudence and care. Public or private, different boroughs, uptown or downtown, varying sizes of population, demographics, difficulty level – so many variables come into play when choosing the right middle or upper school to which a student will apply.


Our consultations help to guide parents and students through the entirety of the application procedure, from the initial conversation to the final step of the school selection process.

"Emma had an amazing experience at Chapin, but she started asking if she could return to a coed environment, and we felt that we needed to listen to her and make a difficult choice.​ At the risk of sounding like every other proud parent, Emma is a wonderful and engaging girl with many interests, and it was important to us that we helped her land in the ideal environment. Hartman Tutoring's consultations were thorough, insightful and incredibly on point. They were understood who Emma is, and were able to guide her towards her ideal high school."

Emma D.

High School Consultation  |  8th Grade  |  Chapin

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