If it's not from within, it's without.



At the core of a student’s scholastic approach is a collection of habits and values. We employ an inside-out technique, helping students create a personal connection to academia as the first step towards achieving autonomy. Our goal is for children to understand not only how and what to do in order to excel, but also conceptualize why they ought to do so in the first place.
We ensure that students are equipped with vital study skills such as organization, time management, impulse control and working memory. And then, we go deeper, establishing a sense of personalized value and meaning within every student in an effort to maximize sustainable engagement.
By addressing meaning, our EF coaches help students master the art of learning how to learn. Our program enriches students’ capacities for reaching their personal potential, while preparing them for tomorrow’s assignment or test, and beyond. We don’t just help children become good students, we help them become great learners.

“I thought we were just going to get someone to come and show Zak (our son) how to organize his backpack and desk in his room. The Hartman Tutor that came to our home did so much more. After a few weeks, Zak suddenly had routines to follow, checklists to use, clear plans to follow to be more organized and I always say we wish we had a Hartman Tutor back when we were kids. Helping a kid create a positive habit isn't easy. We are so grateful!”

Zak G.

Executive Functioning  |  7th Grade  |  Collegiate


Executive functioning is a term for all multifaceted cognitive procedures that manage malleable behavior and a harmonization of capacities. Using executive functioning, students are able to integrate big picture concepts with minute details. When do students use executive functioning skills? Always. In order to achieve what? Everything. Our goal is to establish a strong set of tools, skills and perspectives that students can employ throughout the entirety of their academic careers, and hopefully extend into the entirety of their lives. Most importantly, we ensure that our students have a strong sense of personalized meaning, enhancing their ability to put forth maximum effort and engagement.



It's perhaps a bit odd, but our goal as executive functioning coaches is to do our job so well that we get fired. We don't want to be lifeguards, saving students from drowning. We want to be swim instructors, ensuring that our students never find themselves in over their heads, or in need of someone to dive into the water and save them. The goal is for our students to be prepared to always keep themselves afloat. By working with students to establish solid executive functioning habits and skills, we aim to provide them with the self-sufficiency to be not only successful students, but effective lifelong learners.


Taking self-ownership of the changes and developments that students create and experience is vital for their growth. Being generally accountable for their actions and outlooks is more likely to result in students being mindful of their actions and outlooks, which will likely enhance the quality of their actions and outlooks. We support our students' abilities to set limits and expectations for themselves that are both reasonable and ambitious, as a means for maintaining their optimal executive functioning capacities.  


Maximizing the potential of a student isn't only about what they can do  - it is also about what/how/who they can beAchievement occurs in many realms, but it almost always begins within an individual, quietly, humbly and personally. By working from the inside out, and connecting who students are to why they are expected to do what they are asked to do, we give them an opportunity to maximize their capacity for engagement. A practiced understanding of personal purpose gives students the will to consistently employ more effort, creativity, belief and grit. We all have an ethos within us, waiting to be stirred. Waiting to be provoked and given a reason to act. Our energy seeks purpose. The more devoid of meaning is an action, goal or idea, the less likely it is to bring a student a sense of achievement, either tangible or conceptual. We aim to maximize meaning, and consequently enhance achievement.

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